Game Changer: Tiffany Benjamin, Class of 2019

Tiffany Benjamin was a member of People’s Prep’s founding class when the school opened its doors in 2011. After overcoming a language barrier and battling shyness, Tiffany received the school’s Empathy Award at graduation: an annual honor that now bears her name. She graduated from The College of St. Elizabeth this past summer and is…Read More

Miyokee Saint-Florant, Student and Family Engagement Coordinator

As the guardian of a former PPCS student, how is PPCS unique from a parent’s perspective? The one thing that I remember vividly about the enrollment process was the home visit. That was the first time I had ever experienced a school that sent a staff member to my home to just sit down and…Read More

Darren Harper, College Advisor

Describe your own educational journey through high school and college. In high school I wasn’t a very strong student. I went to summer school my freshman year, and my grades were always a bit below average. I just never really wanted to put in the time to study, and because of that I didn’t really…Read More

Ms. Addona, English Teacher, Council Coach, and Teacher Leader

Describe your path to working at People’s Prep.  I majored in English and Theater Arts at Rutgers and got my master’s as a teacher of English from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University. It was there that I really fell in love with teaching from all my professors who had been working with students and…Read More

Ms. Lapaix, English Teacher and Council Coach

Describe your path to working at People’s Prep.  I was not looking for another position although I wasn’t fully satisfied in my previous district. I just had a child and I needed a summer job, so I came to People’s Prep to work summer school. Before the summer was over I was offered a position…Read More

Mr. Messina, English Teacher and Council Coach

Describe your educational background (high school onward). I went to St. Peter’s, which is a Jesuit High School based out of Jersey City. I went to Catholic or private schools for my entire life, so it was not exactly a diverse background. From there, I went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick where I graduated…Read More

Ms. Wilson, Teaching Assistant and Council Coach

As a Newark resident, what unique challenges do you feel our students face? I believe our students face what a lot of people may consider “harsh realities.” That could look like being in a single-parent home or being the parent in the home needing to support [their family]. Unfortunately, a lot of our students are…Read More

A More Full Life

Brent Weber is entering his eighth year in the People’s Prep English department. He currently serves as an English 1 teacher, a co-founder of the school’s guitar club, and a senior class advisor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism/New Media from Towson University and earned his state teaching certification from Seton Hall…Read More

Diminishing The Opportunity Gap

Manoushka Adam is in her second year at People’s Prep. After graduating from William Paterson University with her bachelor’s degree in sociology, Manoushka worked in Harlem, NY for two years as a Citizen Schools Teaching Fellow before joining the Wolfpack. She is the teaching assistant for the Internship Program. At People’s Prep Charter School, we…Read More

2018 Year-End Campaign- Keyairra’s Story

Since 2011, People’s Prep has successfully provided a high-performing, college-preparatory high school for Newark students and their families. When we opened our doors, 95 students entered as the Class of 2019 and became the first People’s Prep to pursue a college education. Throughout the past eight years, these alumni have been supported by the People’s…Read More