Who Are People’s Prep Students?

Students at People’s Prep work hard because they want to be successful in school, college, and life. Our students know that success is predicated on upholding core values. Our students believe in the power of community, and they know that community functions at its highest potential when each community member contributes positively. Our students are developing the skills to thoughtfully engage with and overcome any obstacle that society puts in their path. They believe in who they are and in who they will become.

Expectations and Culture

Expectation Description

People's Prep students adhere to a specific uniform.

Students must wear the following each school day unless otherwise instructed:

  • The long or short sleeve People's Prep polo with logo. The gym shirt is not a uniform shirt.
  • Khaki pants (No jeans, cargo pants, or joggers.) Pants must fit properly (not form fitting or saggy).
  • White, black, or white and black shoes. Shoes may NOT have any other color regardless of how small the color is. Shoes must be closed toe, have no heel, and fit under pant legs.
  • Students may wear the People's Prep cardigan or honor roll/high honor roll sweatshirts. No non-PPCS sweaters or other outerwear are allowed.
  • Headbands should be no larger than 1 inch and should be an actual headband, not a headscarf that has been made into a headband.
  • Anything that is or appears to be gang affiliated may not be worn.
  • Religious headwear is acceptable.

Students who are not in uniform will be isolated for the day, and the parents will be contacted.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be turned off and in a secure place in the student's book bag from the moment they enter the building to the moment they exit the building. If a staff member hears or sees a cell phone, even if by accident, the cell phone will be confiscated and kept in a lock box in the main office.

If you as a parent or guardian need to get in contact with your child, you should call the main office, your child's council coach, or one of your child's teachers. We will make sure they get any message or call you back if needed.


Safety is our FIRST priority. If students are not safe or do not feel safe, nothing else can happen.

In order to stay focused on our mission of having all students graduate from the college of their choice, we have to view aggression and violence differently than it is sometimes viewed by others in the community.

People's Prep believes the following:

  • There is NEVER a time when it is acceptable to engage in or encourage physical violence.
  • It is also NEVER acceptable to encourage others to engage in physical violence either in person or via text or on social media.
  • It is NEVER acceptable to spectate fighting.
  • The expectation is that you verbally intervene by discouraging the fight or walk away.
  • These expectations apply both in school and out of school.

We offer many ways to solve conflicts so that it doesn't escalate into violence. These include the following:

  • Ignoring those that are trying to instigate
  • Talking to an adult
  • Talking to a parent or guardian and having him/her reach out to the school
  • Engaging in a peer mediation

Students will be assigned homework in all of their classes every day. Each homework assignment averages to about 15 minutes worth of work, totaling about an hour and a half of work each night. Each morning, students turn in all of their homework into homework bins on their way to breakfast.

Independent Reading

Students will read a book of their choice for 30 minutes each day to help increase reading level and vocabulary intake among other benefits. Independent Reading is a class that counts towards the student's GPA.

Grading System

At People's Prep, any grade below a C (70%) is considered a Not Yet (NY). Students who have a NY in their classes will spend time with the corresponding teacher after school to get extra help to raise their grades.

Peer Tutor Program

Our innovative Peer Tutor program provides students with the opportunity to formally be recognized as a valued student leader. Current students apply, interview and are then selected to assume the paid position of offering academic support to fellow classmates. After completing an orientation and training, our Peer Tutor Corps holds regular tutorial sessions. Students can receive tutoring services by either staff referral or by signing him/herself up. To maintain their employment as a Peer Tutor, students must maintain above a B+ in their tutoring subject, attend a weekly professional development meeting with their subject teachers, and continue to demonstrate exemplary behavior in and out of the classroom.