Council is at the core of People’s Prep’s unique and comprehensive programming. Starting in ninth grade, all students are assigned to a Council — a single-sex group of 9-15 students, led by a Council Coach (a teacher or staff member). Students remain with their Council for all four years of high school. Council is a place to work on academics — Council Coaches are also students’ Academic Advisors — but it’s also much more.


Students meet with their Councils at least once a day, every day, and work with their peers and Council Coach to create long and short term academic and social goals, from setting GPA goals to developing an understanding of how the decisions students make in high school will affect their opportunities in college and beyond. Council Coaches also serve as the main point of contact at People’s Prep for students’ parents/guardians. Coaches build relationships not only with each student but also with each student’s family.


Above and beyond the individual skills, supports and incentives that Council provides, Council is community — a strong and dependable community within the school, which all students can rely on.