Who can apply to People’s Prep?

Any student who is currently in grades 8-11 may apply. Students who live in the Newark School District and any siblings of People’s Prep students will receive preference in the matching process.

People’s Prep believe that all students should have the option of a college prep program; as a result, there is no admission exam or academic requirements to be matched to our school.

How do you apply to People’s Prep?

All interested students must fill out a universal enrollment system application. People’s Prep recommends that you work with your current guidance counselor to confirm that you family completes the application in the best way for your student. The application is available on paper and online: http://www.newarkenrolls.org/. Please visit this site for the most updated information about the application.Paper applications can be downloaded directly from the site or picked up at any school participating in the universal enrollment system.

For questions regarding the application or enrollment processes, please contact our Enrollment Team at 973-622-1790 or enrollment@peoplesprep.org.

Start of Enrollment

January - February

  • All interested students must fill an application through Newark Public Schools’ universal enrollment system.
  • Application is available on paper and online: http://www.newarkenrolls.org/
  • Paper applications can be downloaded directly from the site or picked up at any school participating in One Newark Enrolls.


  • The System Administrator (Newark Public Schools) will input students’ rankings into an algorithm to generate a match.
  • Sibling preference is still given to students/families that can provide documentation.


  • Matches are given out to families and schools via the email address provided on the application.
  • Notification letters will be sent out to families in the spring. Families may also log back into their online applications to find out their match or by asking their current school.

May - June

  • All families must register at their matched school in order to claim their student’s seat.

End of Enrollment

Registration for Newark Residents

After matches are released, families will have a chance to register their child at People’s Prep. Your seat is not claimed at People’s Prep until all documentation is submitted, and all forms are completed.

A completed file includes:

  • Completed enrollment packet
  • Original birth certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Most recent report card
  • Three proofs of Newark residency (all of these bullets below are examples of proof of residency)
    • Voter registration card
    • Deed or mortgage statement
    • Recent property tax bills (last six months)
    • Official notarized lease or affidavit of landlord verifying that student lives at the given address
    • Utility bills (water, gas or electric)
    • Driver’s license
    • Federal-, state-, or county-issued identification (containing a home address)
    • Financial account information (containing home address)
    • Employment documents and/or benefit statement containing home address.

Families with students not born in this country should be prepared to provide documentation that states when they arrived in this country and when they started attending the school system.

Additionally, students residing in East Orange or Irvington must follow a different registration process. Contact Ms. Laycock at 973-622-1790 for more information.