“People’s Prep prepares all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens”

AlumniPeople’s Prep is committed to seeing their students graduate from the college of their choice and have invested in this piece of the school’s mission. Every graduate is supported by the Alumni Coordinator who makes on-campus visits as well as bi-monthly phone calls. By providing individualized support and building a trusting relationship, the Alumni Coordinator is able to intervene when necessary and keep the students on track to graduation.

The Alumni Coordinator provides support to the students in various ways. On a monthly basis, the Alumni Coordinator speaks with each graduate at least two times. Each semester, the Alumni Coordinator visits each student at college. In addition to the visits, phone calls, and texts, the Alumni Coordinator plans events to keep alumni engaged and connected to People’s Prep. One key element of this is connecting the students who have graduated with the current students. This includes welcoming alumni back to People’s Prep to speak to Councils and in classrooms as well as alumni hosting current People’s Prep students at their respective campuses.

Alumni Day


On December 18th, People’s Prep hosted its inaugural Alumni Day . Alumni were invited back to People’s Prep for various events. Alumni had the opportunity to meet with staff, faculty, leadership and students to share their college experience.

For more information, please contact our Alumni Coordinator, Emily Kaplowitz at ekaplowitz@peoplesprep.org.