Refer someone to join The Wolfpack and earn up to $5000!

Referral Guidelines
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to refer candidates.
  • All referrers must notify their referral that People’s Prep may be in touch to discuss opportunities in our network.
  • Candidates for People’s Prep employment may not refer themselves to receive a bonus. All PPCS employees and non-PPCS employees are eligible to receive a Referral bonus except for individuals in the following positions:
    • Executives or officers of People’s Prep.
    • Members of the Board of Trustees and their immediate families.
    • Employees in the Recruitment and Human Resources Departments.
    • Supervisors or managers with direct supervision over the position.
    • Consultants contracted with for specific services related to the position.
    • Referral bonus will be paid by check to external referrals and via payroll to current employees. External referrals will be required to submit a W-9 form and will be paid shortly after the 20 full-time week mark of the new hire’s employment.
Referral Award Eligibility
  • The referred candidate must be employed by People’s Prep for at least 20 weeks (one semester) in order for his or her referrer to be eligible for a bonus (bonus will be taxes)
  • If two or more eligible individuals refer the same qualified candidate, the referrer that submitted the Employee Referral Form first will be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • If staff members of PPCS have already been in touch with a person who is referred, that referral will not be eligible.
    Referral bonuses are awarded for full-time instructional, non-instructional, and school leader positions in amounts up to $5,000. Referral bonus amounts may vary by title and required qualifications/certification. Award levels are subject to change on an ongoing basis in accordance with changes in School Board policies and resources. Any significant changes in the monetary awards or terms of the referral program will be made public within a reasonable period of time following applicable Board actions.