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Why Work At People’s Prep?

People’s Prep is dedicated to preparing all its students to get to and through the college of their choice. We understand that for this to happen, we need dedicated teachers and staff members who are committed to closing the achievement gap through hard work. We believe that teachers have one of the most challenging but also most rewarding jobs ever. Here at People’s Prep, we strive to support our teachers and to help them to continually improve their teaching practice.

We know that great teachers stay in great schools when they are supported and develop; therefore we have clearly articulated paths to teacher leadership. Currently, over a third of all People’s Prep teachers hold leadership roles within the school.

What We’re Looking For

At People’s Prep, we consider teaching as an extreme sport. That’s why we search the entire country to find individuals who best embody the commitment, energy, and heart to excel in our classrooms. Our teachers and staff are selfless and self-reflective. They’re driven, yet humble. They love teaching and the students they teach, and they know that love needs to come with no strings attached. Teachers who want to work at People’s Prep should expect the job to be challenging—and they should also expect feedback, collaboration, and support from teammates and School Leaders in order to help them meet those challenges.

What We Offer

All teachers will benefit from extensive training including:

  • one month of professional development every August
  • weekly professional development sessions
  • weekly coaching with feedback and observation
  • curriculum assessment and development opportunities
  • competitve salary and benefits
  • opportunity to develop extra circular programming

In addition to the professional development sessions we offer, we also encourage teachers and staff members to attend training off campus. Some of these sessions include:

  • What Works in Urban Education
  • “Train the Trainer” offered through Uncommon Schools
  • ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

Application and Interview Process

What to Expect

Phone Screen
Phone Screen

The phone screen is the first step in our interview process. The phone screen is a 10-20 minute phone call. Our Recruitment Coordinator will ask the candidate to run through her resume, ask the candidate 3-5 phone screen questions and, finally, provide an opportunity for the candidate to ask any and every question about People’s Prep or the position.

In-Person Interview
In-Person Interview

The 30 minute in-person interview takes place on campus at People’s Prep or via Skype for candidates who are not local. The interview will be held with School Leaders and the Recruitment Coordinator. Candidates will be asked to discuss and run through their resume, answer questions, and ask any questions they may have.

Demo Lesson
Demo Lesson

Candidates will teach a ten-minute demo lesson to current People’s Prep students and staff members. The demo lesson may or may not be related to candidates’ current content area. (Our founding math teacher, Mr. Robinson, made origami dogs during his demo lesson!) Our People’s Prep lesson plan template is used for the demo, and is sent the night before for review. After the demo, we’ll spend roughly 30-40 minutes debriefing and giving feedback. The candidate will then have 45-60 minutes to revise the lesson and will then reteach the revised 10-minute demo to another class of students.

School Visit
School Visit

Candidates who have completed demo lessons or second/third round interviews are invited to spend the day at People’s Prep. Candidates should use this time to sit in on classes and to speak with People’s Prep teachers, staff, and students. We encourage candidates to use this opportunity to get a feel for what a day at People’s Prep looks and feels like.

Reference Check
Reference Check

Candidates will submit three references, two of which should be from their most current managers or supervisors. Our Recruitment Coordinator will reach out to references via phone.