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Our Mission

People’s Prep prepares all of our students to graduate from the college of their choice as informed, involved, and resilient citizens.

Our Vision

People’s Prep will break cycles of unequal education, inadequate opportunity, and poverty.‚Äč

Our Approach

Because on average a majority of Newark’s incoming ninth grade students are not proficient in English Language Arts and Math, People’s Prep provides a longer school day and year so that students have more time to learn. Longer hours also help prepare students for college-level work. In total, we provide students with an average of 22 more school days a year than district counterparts.

Core Values


We never give up. We do whatever it takes. We find another way.


We understand and serve the needs and feelings of others. We listen first and welcome differences of opinion. We support our teammates.


We set ambitious goals. We focus on results. We make each other better.


We are eager to learn. We explore new things. We ask questions that deepen our understanding.


We embrace our mistakes because we always have room to grow. We relentlessly seek feedback. We are grateful for our advantages and opportunities.


We choose to stay positive. We invigorate others. We go all in, all the time.